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Well here it is Innokin’s latest addition to the MVP range the MVP 3 Pro. This item is the MVP 3 Pro express kit all this really means it that it doesn't come with a clearomiser.

Having used various incarnations of the Innokin MVP range around the office at Smokers Corner we really are quite big fans of the MVP and the MVP 3 Pro has just served to enforce this.

You can read all the Technical Stuff about this kit in the Technical tab below,

This is a great e-cigarette and sits comfortably in the hand, it’s not to heavy and it’s built to last.

You will need to add your own clearomiser, if you don’t have one or fancy a change then please have a look at the iClear 16 or the iClear 30S both by Innokin and both available as a special deal with replacement cores from the drop downs above.

Don’t forget to add some E-Liquid to your basket so you can use your kit straight away.

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