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CE5+ Single Electronic Cigarette Blister Pack
NOW WITH 900 mah Battery
eVapeLiquidShop is pleased to offer the CE5+ Single kit complete with 900 mah battery included.

A fantastic single E-Cig kit allows customers to keep the expense down when first trying out electronic cigarettes. Try the CE5 range with Smokers Corners new CE5+ blister kit, available in Black or Silver with re-buildable atomiser and a 900 mah battery.

The CE5+ blister kit uses the latest version of the ‘CE’ clearomiser. Do not confuse this clearomiser with old wick style systems, Smokers Corners version of the CE5+ has been improved to ensure a better flow of E-Liquid through the pre drilled vents to the atomiser which cuts out the burning and leaking often experienced in older versions. And when the atomiser reaches the end of its life, there's no need to buy a complete new unit. Just buy a new atomiser head from our shop.

Please note The batteries have '5 Click technology' by clicking the on/off button on the battery 5 times quickly will lock / unlock the battery for use.

Don’t forget to add some E-Liquid to your basket so you can use your kit straight away.


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