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Replacement inner atomiser for the CE5+ clearomiser.
CE5+ clearomisers have proved very popular amongst seasoned vapers over the past few years.
Our version of the CE5+ eliminates the need for messy re wicking and the steady flow of e-liquid through the pre drilled vents to the atomiser cuts out the burning often experienced in older versions.

This replacement atomiser is for use with the CE5+ clearomisers therefore is not intended to fit in a sealed standard CE5.

Replacing a new Inner atomiser
Note – Be careful if you have liquid in your tank when replacing a new coil, use a tissue to soak up liquid as you dismantle or empty liquid from mouthpiece end prior to dismantling.
Remove Clearomiser from battery.
Hold bottom silver collar and unscrew base plate.
Unscrew inner coil from baseplate and replace with a new Ce5+ inner atomiser.
Give your clearomiser a general clean whilst dismantled.
Hold silver collar and screw on base plate ensuring rubber seals are correctly positioned.

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