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The CE4 Clearomiser is the latest in the range of disposable clearomiser. It can be refilled may times and should give the average e-cigarette vaper around 4 weeks of vaping. Many vapers chose the CE4 clearomiser as they are simple to use and inexpensive. Here at eVapeLiquidShop we are pleased to offer the CE4 Clearomisers from as little £1.20 each.

How to Use

Simply unscrew the top, tilt the unit and pour the e-liquid (needle bottle or syringe is ideal) into the side of the unit avoiding the middle and fill. Then gently screw the top back on. Ensure the entire wick has been drenched in e-liquid and then you are good to go and can enjoy vaping your favourite e-liquid. We have some great deals on E-Liquids, why not take a look at our 4 for £11.96 Best E-Liquids special offers with FREE SHIPPING.




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