• What is Vaping? Who it is designed for?

    Vaping is the inhalation and exhalation of vapour when using an electronic cigarette / vaporiser. It is the evolution of smoking, replacing many negative associations with the old habit of tobacco combustion. The technical term for vapour is called liquid aerosol, it can be compared to how a kettle heats up liquid like water and produces a steam vapour.

    Vaping works when the E-Liquid is heated creating a vapour that is then inhaled and exhaled. E-Liquids come in many different flavours, strengths of nicotine and even come in nicotine free. Vaping is seen as a healthier alternative to smoking.

    Vaping is designed for anybody aged over 18 years old who wishes to have a safer alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products. Some products contain nicotine.

  • How do electronic cigarettes work?

    Vaporizers are made up of 3 main components: a battery, a tank, and atomizer.

    - The battery powers the atomizer
    - The tank holds the e-liquid
    - Atomizer heats up the e-liquid to the point of vaporization

    E-liquid, e-juice, or vape juice is the flavored liquid put in to the vaporizer's tank that gets heated and inhaled. E-liquid comes in a wide variety of flavors to match every taste, from a traditional tobacco to sweet desserts and custom blended flavors. The e-liquid is also what can contain nicotine, and most vape juice is available with a range of nicotine levels to allow people switching from smoking to maintain, reduce, or eliminate their usual nicotine intake.

  • What is E-Liquid, PG/VG ratio?

    E-liquid is made up of 2 main ingredients aside from any nicotine: Propylene Glycol(PG) and Vegetable Glycerin(VG). Propylene Glycol is an organic compound commonly used in such products like ice cream and soda. Vegetable Glycerin is a sugar alcohol compound commonly found as a sweetener in liqueurs and cake frosting.

    An e-liquid with a higher PG content will provide a sweeter, tastier vape. While an e-liquid with a higher VG content will provide slightly less flavor, but provide a thicker vapor and thicker vapour "cloud"

  • Is vaping better for me than smoking? Is vapour healthier than smoke?

    The U.K. governing body, PHE (Public Health England) released a report in 2015 that stated vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. You can read more on this on our blog here.

    Cigarette smoke is the real health hazard. It contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. No actual smoke is involved with e-cigarettes, only vapor. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine by inhaling a vaporized nicotine solution (composed of propolyne glyclol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring) without tar, carbon monoxide, flame retardants, pesticides, etc. A report by the Royal College of Physicians states that nicotine by itself has not been proven to cause any long term ill health effects.

  • Will vaping help me to quit smoking? Can I use vaping products alongside with traditional tobacco products?

    Vaping has made us and countless others stop smoking. There is no guarantee it will work for you, though 2.3million users and rising in the UK alone can't be wrong! You can of course use tobacco alongside e-cigarettes, there are no rules. But we tend to find that if you are still craving tobacco, then the e-liquid you are using has too low a nicotine percentage for you, or the device is inferior or the liquid is inferior. We should point out that a U.K. governing body, PHE (Public Health England) released a report in 2015 that stated vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

  • Is it legal to vape indoors? Are e-cigs affected by the UK smoking ban?

    Because there is no combustion e-cigarettes are NOT affected by smoking-ban laws. However it is down to the discrection of the building owners whether they will permit the use of e-cigs or not. So please check policies on usage.

    An e-liquid with a higher PG content will provide a sweeter, tastier vape. While an e-liquid with a higher VG content will provide slightly less flavor, but provide a thicker vapor and thicker vapour "cloud".

  • Is it safe to take my vaping products on a plane?

    You must check with the airline you are flying with – there is no law against carrying vaping products on planes, but the airline may have a policy against it.

  • Do e-cigarettes and e-liquids produce a smell?

    Some do, some don’t – some have a pleasant smell that resembles the taste of the e-liquid. Some have no smell at all.

  • How often can I vape? Can I use vaping products as often as I would if I was smoking?

    As often as you like – there are no rules. Generally your body will tell you when its had enough nicotine as you will naturally stop craving it.

  • How do I choose the right nicotine strength?

    If you're smoking anywhere from half a pack a day to a full pack a day, most people would recommend trying out a nicotine level of 12mg, and then seeing if your nicotine cravings are satisfied. If not, you have the option of always moving up to a higher level of 18mg to 24mg nicotine. However, these nicotine levels vary differently depending on what type of vape setup you're using. If you're using a mechanical mod with a rebuildable atomizer with a low resistance setup, most people are comfortable vaping on a 6mg low nicotine level, as a low resistance setup will vaporize your e-liquid at a much higher temperature than that of a high resistance setup. Please consult us if you need any help choosing a nicotine level.


  • How do I choose the vaping product that’s right for me?

    We always recommend starting with one of our starter kits which you can find clicking here. After using a starter kit you will be in the best position to know whether you would benefit from upgrading in the future depending on your vaping preferences.

  • How do I refill a clearomizer?

    Generally refilling your tank is an easy process. Depending on the device you are using, the method may be slightly different. On the basic starter kits, you simply remove the top (also known as a Drip Tip or the mouth piece) and send the liquid into the tank.

    Other clearomisers require you to unscrew the base and refill the tank from the bottom. It is important to avoid the middle part of your device because that is the chimney to your mouth piece and you do not want e-juice spilling out as you attempt to re-fill. So always aim for the sides of the tank or where appropriate depending on your product.

  • What is that crackling sound I hear when I'm vaping?

    The crackling sound you hear when you vape is your atomizer effectively vaporizing your e-liquid. Some people may find this strange at first, but as the e-liquid passes the boiling point, it gets vaporized and creates a "popping" or "crackling" sound. This is completely normal!

  • I'm getting a burnt taste and I'm not getting much vapor any longer. What does this mean?

    This means that it's probably time to change out your atomizer, cartomizer, or "coil". The atomizer coil may get burnt out after a week to a few weeks of using your vape. At this time, it's time to buy a new atomizer coil and change is out! Please refer to your specific tank or atomizer for instructions on changing your atomizer coil.


  • Can I pay with PayPal?

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    Remember, if you don’t have a PayPal account you can still pay via PayPal by changing to the optional “Pay with Credit / Debit Card” option instead of logging into your account. We find that a lot of customers prefer this option because PayPal are a trusted and extremely secure payment solution in the UK.

  • How long does delivery take?

    We send all orders with U.K. Royal Mail which usually takes up to 1-3 business days to arrive.
    If you place your order before 2PM we will post your item(s) out the same day otherwise a business day or more will be added to the delivery time because it will be posted on the following business day.

  • How much is delivery?

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